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  Welcome to Leora Lake, Lake Elora, Little Elora, Winkle Lake...whatever.  Sit back, enjoy the sunset and some company and maybe play a game of cribbage - just make sure to let your opponent cut the deck first...  These photos (and the first two sentences of this blog) have inner meaning to you only if you've had a seat around the fire ring.    If you haven't then I invite you to swing by for a Leinie and "set for a spell".  If you're lucky you'll get a room at the Leaning Birch Lodge but beware of the broccoli and cheese soup!  Life is so much better at a little cabin on a lake and for that I am grateful! 

2015 Photo Gallery

  Summer 2015 ~ Many new things were discovered this summer and here are just a few.  Kendan has an imagination like no other little boy I've ever met, especially in today's world with all of the electronic distractions.  No matter how good he is, we probably shouldn't feed him a Mt Dew and three of Mrs Peterson's mini fluffy chocolate pies unless the desired state is nitrous oxide that continues 6+ hours after ingestion.  Those pies are dang tasty though and who knew?  Ok probably everyone knew but whatever.  We've discovered the meanings of flush and knobs (maybe) and learned some of us are "Hoylists" and others not so much.  We've learned no matter how many times some of us count our cards Nancy still finds another 4-8 points we've missed.  Pistachios are addicting but for some mystical reason they negatively affect your math skills.  Just because I put a GoPro on a pole so I can peer into a hummingbird's nest or put it under water to watch ducks eat bread does not mean I have too much time on my hands.  Paddle boards must give the right-of-way to ski boats - odd rule.  The French Wedge is NOT a good look.  Don's green shirt is the embodiment of awesomeness!  "Tonight's sunset is awesome!"  And it was, is, and will be!  More to follow but until then, go Kyra, go Hippo, go coffin...  

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2017 Photo Gallery

2018 Photo Gallery

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